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Gloria's Christmas: Colorful Food and Explosive Flavor.

Fireworks are common across El Salvador around Christmas time. Much like the beautiful display and joy one experiences from a fireworks show, we present the same joy and vast array of colorful art with our dishes.   Christmas celebrations with friends and family are a very important part of our holiday tradition, and we're honored to spend the same time with you as well. We'd love to see how you spend your holiday time at Gloria's! Show us by doing the following:  

  • Take a picture of yourself/friends/family at Gloria's with your favorite dishes or beverages
  • Upload to Twitter or Instagram - or post it directly on our official Gloria's Latin Cuisine Facebook Page
  • Be sure to tag your pic with the hashtag #GloriasFireworks

  We'll find you and post the pictures in an official gallery on Facebook. Have your friends/family vote on your picture by giving it a "like." The picture with the most likes will receive a $100 gift card to Gloria's! The runner up will receive a $50 gift card to Gloria's!   If you have a social account that is private, we will not be able to see your post or hashtag - so please post the picture on a public account so we can find it. Thanks, and good luck!