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The holidays are by far our favorite time of year. There's friends, family, food and fun. What more could you even ask for in life? We especially love this time of year beacause so many of you come in with out of town relatives and introduce them to Gloria's. It's always wonderful to see people marvel at our black bean dip, a perfect plate of enchilades verdes or have the best margarita in Dallas (or Fort Worth, Austin, know, at any Gloria's location). So we'd definitely like to thank all of you guys for coming in and joining us! 

Fall Weather, Brunch at Gloria's, and You
Oct 28, 2014 by capaliski

There's just something always awesome about brunch time. The summer heat has finally passed and we're seeing 70 (ish) degree temperatures in Texas. Yes, of course there's still the outlier where it's randomly 90 degrees one day, but for the most part, the weather is finally taking that turn for the better. As a result, we start to see our awesine patio clientele spend more time out there (you guys are awesome). In this fall weather, we particularly see some awesome times to be had from some of our favorite diners.

Halloween, Costume Contests at Gloria's Addison and $1000 in total prize money.

The title's not deceptive, everyone...that's real talk. Our Halloween parties have always been a lot of fun, and we're even more thrilled that this year, Halloween falls on a Friday evening! If you attended one of our Halloween parties last year, you know what a blast they can be. (Just in case you haven't here's a photo gallery of last year's Halloween party and costume contest). This year, we're giving away $1000 in total prize money! That's right: a thousand dollars!