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Patio Drinking and Dining in Texas
Sep 11, 2015 by capaliski

Well, it's been a fantastic summer, hasn't it?

For starters, we'd like to congratulate Teighlyr, Stephanie and Jennifer on winning gift cards in our #31DaysOfGlorias contest last month. We had some great submissions and interaction, and we thank all of you who participated. You guys are the absolute best. (Shameless plug: for other great contests and to keep up with us on social media, follow Gloria's on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

All in all, we were able to cap off the summer with some great pictures of our favorite dishes and beverages, including some of those taken by our favorite people (yes, that's definitely you reading this right now). If you'd like to see many of these pictures, we've placed them beside their respective names on our menu, and there's a gallery on our official facebook page titled "Our Cuisine." Be sure to check it out!

Now the summer's starting to wind down. In fact, the first day of fall is Wednesday, September 23. Like so many Texans, we love the summer but embrace the change of seasons; with the most obvious reason coming in the form of a break from the 100 degree heat. August is great and all, but the blazing rays of the sun can be tough for anyone to bear. So we get particularly excited when the fall season starts to come around as this can only mean one thing: patio dining and drinking becomes infinitely more enjoyable. Our patios are often a main attraction year round, but there's something special about Texas patio weather in the fall. So, if you're looking for a spot to enjoy lunch, dinner or brunch with some friends, just be advised that we're ready and waiting for you. Dishes like our Garlic Lemon Redfish, Gloria's Super Special and Nancy's Ribeye await! A perfect complement to those is of course a cold margarita or one of our specialty beverages (the durazno mojito and spicy pineapple margarita just shine with perfection at this time of year). 

If you haven't been to our new Addison location recently, you must visit it soon. Not only is the architecture gorgeous, but the patio can't be beat! In the coming months we'll also open up new locations in Flower Mound and Southlake, so be sure to check the blog for updates. These are also going to be wonderful.

With all of this in mind, thank you all very much for spending your summer with us! We look forward to a wonderful fall that's complete with friends, family, great dining and exceptional beverages.