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Fish with a Latin Flare
Mar 27, 2017 by capaliski

We love fish. It's such a staple part of our culture, yet often overlooked by many when they think of Latin cuisine. However, that's never phased us. For years, we've brought you some amazing seafood dishes, from the perfection seen in Pescado a la Gloria (Pan seared tilapia topped with shrimp, scallops, red snapper and mussels in a seasoned broth) to even our Salmon Costeno (Grilled, marinated salmon served with gallo pinto, sautéed vegetables and fried plantain).

Of course, we don't just stop there - there's steak topped with shrimp, seafood soup (the Siete Sopa Mares could take down even the most mammoth of colds...or so we've been told) - the list could go on and on. A going favorite of ours of recent times has been the Lemon Garlic Redfish, which is cooked to absolute perfection and topped with shrimp. To say it embodies one of our favorite dishes would be a clear understatement.

The reason of course for this is just to let you know that we have so much we have to offer. We often see #FishFriday on Twitter or get plenty of questions regarding our freshwater and seafood selections. Therefore, if you haven't tried either yet, we urge you to try some the next time you join us. Pair it with a glass of wine from our finest selection (or even a half price bottle during the week at select locations) and you've got it made.

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